Biblical Organization for Bible Study
{Trello 5-Day Course}

Trello Bible Study Tools 5 Day e Course 1

FREE Faith Based Trello Course

No more post-it notes, and countless notebooks in total CHAOS.

Keep ALL of your Bible study notes in ONE place.

I’m going to show you how to organize your time dedicated to Christian living.

Trello is FREE. Why not take advantage of this resource? If you haven’t heard Trello that’s ok, I’m going to show you HOW it can be used to save YOU a ton of time and stay organized.

Day 1

Create the most organized Devotional list so that you can keep ALL notes in ONE tidy place.

Day 2

Need a place to brainstorm ideas on journaling? Make a Trello list of items needed and check them off as you go.

Day 3

Are you intentional with how you plan your day? I'll show you how to create a list in Trello.

Day 4

Where do you store your favorite lessons and podcasts? I'll show you how to keep it all in Trello.

Day 5

This will be your best friend that's why I saved it for the last. Get the most organized board dedicated to prayer!
Biblical Organization for Spiritual Growth using Trello (5-Day Course)

Stop struggling to try to remember your favorite devotionals, podcasts, videos, and study notes! Could you use a list of journaling items you need to create the perfect journal?

Forget the countless notebooks and binders that are totally unorganized.

How? I’ve written it all down for you to show you “how you can be organized for spiritual growth!” Trello will keep your notes neat and tidy.  

Trust me, I still have binders, post-it notes, and folders that I wrote sermon notes, etc…but you know what?
I no longer use them. Because I organized it ALL online, and so can YOU.

Never heard of Trello?
It's FREE!
Watch here to see it action.

Don’t forget to pin this to your favorite board!

Trello Bible Study Tools for Biblical Organization
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