How is your prayer life? Do you fumble for words when you pray? I know I do at times! So, if you are like me and possibly need prayer prompts to ignite your prayer life, I wrote 35 prompts to spark ideas and inspiration to get you started.

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To begin with, it’s important to be prepared to pray first and foremost. For example, have your Bible, journal, prayerbook, pen, and paper handy. If possible, set a reminder and/or tell your family members prior to starting so you’re not disturbed.


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35 prayer prompts to ignite your prayer life

1. Pray for a loved one who’s sick and needs healing

If you are like me you never run out of loved ones who need prayer and healing, right? I have listed several examples below.

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Coworkers
  4. Church Family
  5. Strangers
  6. Leaders
  7. Government Officials

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2. Pray for unity between all ethnic backgrounds

Unity is something our country needs desperately. I’m more than certain you can agree with this statement regardless of your background or the color of your skin.

I wrote What does the bible say about Unity not too long ago and have received great feedback and encourage you to check it out. My prayer is it will open the eyes of ALL who read it.

3. Pray for God to use your testimony with coworkers

Sweet friend, if everyone could see and understand the value of sharing your personal testimony of salvation.

There is a power behind the trials and roadblocks we face in our lives. More often than not someone can see themselves in our testimony and therefore displaying God at work in our lives.

The thing is they want to know how we were able to get through it…perfect opportunity to share the gospel, right?

4. Pray for marriages to be unified and strengthened

There is no such thing as a perfect marriage and it involves a lot of forgiveness. You must be willing to forgive one another easily and show humility and respect.

I’m so thankful for my husband and I consider myself beyond blessed. In my opinion, I have the best husband in the world. Prayer life changes things when you’re unified.

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5. Pray for a prodigal child to return home

Do you have a wayward child you want to return to? This is a prayer that is very near and dear to my heart.

No one has heard from my son in a very long time and not knowing where he is or if he’s ok is hard. If you are like me in this area…we can NOT give up! Keep praying!

6. Pray for pride to be made known and removed from your life

Pride is one we ALL need prayer for whether we realize or admit it. We don’t want to view ourselves as prideful, however.

Put your life in perspective with Jesus Christ and see if that leaves room for pride. This thought should humble you fast!

Prayer life is setting aside our pride when you reflect on what Jesus took upon himself on your behalf that should throw pride as far as the east to the west.

7. Prayer prompts for financial stability

I thought this prayer prompt would be an excellent time to give examples. Why? Money is the root of all evil. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be financially secure, the problem lies if we aren’t being good stewards of what we have been given.

  1. Lord, help us not be greedy.
  2. Lord, help us to rely on You to meet our needs.
  3. Lord, help us to set priorities and not break them.
  4. Lord, help us to be content with what you bless us with.
  5. Lord, help us show integrity with what you entrusted us.
  6. Lord, help us to pay it forward in generosity towards those in need.
  7. Lord, teach us to persevere and budget accordingly and not go beyond our means.

8. Pray for the homeless to find shelter

A consistent prayer life means praying for people who find themselves in tough times. Many lose their livelihood and end up on the streets with nowhere to go. Pray their needs are met to find shelter.

9. Pray for those who are hungry to be fed

A prayer life should include praying for those who are going hungry. This is happening in America not just across other countries.

I can’t bear the thought of anyone going hungry, especially a child. If you know this is happening we have the power to change it.

10. Pray that abortions will cease

Not too long ago I wrote a post on what does the bible say about abortion. I know not everyone understands my opinion on this.

However, to me, life is sacred and life begins at the moment of conception…Period! Please pray for unveiled eyes and open hearts to penetrate this truth.

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11. Pray for others who are experiencing depression

Unfortunately, depression is often perceived as a weakness. The truth is it’s more than being in a slump or sad. If someone tells you they’re depressed please don’t take this lightly because I’ve been there myself and know it’s real. Pray for the release of depression.

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12. Pray for Godly friendships to keep you strengthened

It’s crucial as a follower of Jesus to have Godly friends to surround you, hold you accountable, and lift you up in prayer. Pray consistently with a war room prayer strategy mindset.

In my lifegroup alone we will send a group text when we need a specific need met and I can’t tell enough how much this helps me personally.

13. Pray for those who are lonely and grieving a loss

Grief is part of life but it’s extremely difficult whether it was expected or not. The grief I experienced when we lost Tyler to SIDS, our first grandchild, I didn’t think I was ever going to get through it.

I was beyond angry and mad at God for a long time. Trust me when I say the power of prayer in this area is of the utmost importance.

14. Pray for our military who fights for our freedom

Military veterans put their lives on the line so that you can enjoy the freedom you have.

Many come back from service with their lives forever altered. Some have PTSD and numerous other disorders and they deserve our respect and prayer as often as possible.

15. Pray for justice that is so rampant in our country

With all that’s happening lately surrounding injustice, you should be praying constantly for God to move in a mighty way and bring unity among people.

In all my 56 years I have never seen anything like this get so out of hand. Only God can change the hearts of people. Pray for unity in your prayer life.

16. Pray that pornography will be abolished

Pornography is something I never understand. I was a very sheltered child for which I’m truly grateful. I know this is an issue for many and tears homes apart so pray the cycle ends now.

17. Pray for the Salvation of those you love

Praying for the salvation of our loved ones is something we should be doing every day. Eternity is at stake and our loved ones will be going to one of two places…Heaven or Hell? There is no in-between.

That said, I know atheists will disagree with me on this. All I will say about that is when you are standing before God on judgment day, not accepting Jesus it will be too late for you then.

18. Pray to reconcile with someone who has hurt you

Praying for someone who has wronged us takes humility, doesn’t it? In all honesty, however, it releases you more so than the offender. Most importantly, the Bible commands us to forgive if we want forgiveness.

Does extending forgiveness make what they did right? No! That said, where would you be if Jesus never forgave you? It’s all how you look at it. Pray that God humbles you to extend forgiveness.

19. Pray to be focused on eternity and less on the world

As you know, humans are flawed and selfish people, and your perspective can tend to focus more on what’s in front of you instead of eternity.

For this reason alone, you should make it a priority to pray and ask Jesus to help you focus more on the eternal perspective instead of a worldly one. See what a difference it can make.

20. Pray for missionaries sharing the gospel

When it comes to sharing the gospel many missionaries put their lives at risk to reach those who may not hear the gospel in remote places. They are being persecuted for this so pray for their safety.

21. Pray for deliverance from Sin keeping you bound

Wow, this one is a doozy, isn’t it? ALL sin every single day and this is a fact. Jesus Christ is the only one without sin.

Sin can be a sin of omission or an unconfessed sin. You must acknowledge, repent, and ask for God to forgive you, or you will not move forward.

22. Pray for humbleness and meekness

Pray for the beatitudes of Jesus and model His character. I know what you may be thinking…Pray for humbleness Angie?” YES! It’s life-changing.

23. Pray for rest and trust that God’s in control

Why do you wrestle with this? With so much turmoil going on in the world today, I want you to accept that nothing catches God off guard.

God is on His throne and in control of ALL things! That said, pray that God grants peace, rest, and assurance that God has a plan and purpose for everything.

24. Pray for peace and violence to STOP

It seems every time we turn on the TV, radio, computer, etc…there is violence happening everywhere. Pray that God grants peace and restores unity among His people.

25. Pray for a spiritual revival to take place NOW

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If we ever need spiritual awakening and revival across the land it’s now. I truly believe if the Church prayed fervently for this you would see change sweeping across the land.

26. Pray for those being persecuted for the gospel

Persecution for the sake of the gospel is real. You can’t necessarily fathom this as a reality but this doesn’t change the truth. You haven’t experienced this much as of now in the USA but rest assured it’s coming.

I am by no means trying to scare you but persecution is in the Bible and you can trust God’s word as fact. Remain in prayer and ask God to reveal the end of time is drawing near. So pray!

27. Prayer prompts for the homosexual lifestyle: seek truth in God’s word

Homosexuality is a touchy and extremely sensitive area so I think it’s best to list the scriptures for prayer prompts and pray over those.

You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination. Leviticus 18:22

If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them. Leviticus 20:13

But from the beginning of creation, ‘God made them male and female.’ ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.” Mark 10:6-9

28. Pray for the unity of the church that’s divided over doctrines

Far too many Churches split up due to beliefs and doctrines among the congregation. Unity is a MUST for an effective prayer life.

When we get to Heaven there isn’t going to be a corner for this group and a section for another group. Let’s pray for unity NOW!

29. Pray for diligence when life gets hard

When life gets tough are you tempted to say “This is too hard…I’m quitting?” Now I can only speak for myself but I know that I’m guilty of this for certain.

Can you imagine what it’d be like if we had prayer warriors praying for us during times such as this?

30. Pray for your pastors and elders of the church

Have you ever been let down by a Pastor? Sweet friend, I have learned the hard way that far too often I tend to put my pastors on a pedestal. Do you understand what I mean by this?

The thing is pastors are human and face the same trials and tribulations as you do and if anyone needs prayer prompts to pray over…it’s our pastor.


31. Pray for strength and faithfulness

Strength and faithfulness are something every follower of Jesus Christ can use more of. We are all tested in various trials and temptations, right? The main thing to keep in mind is to remain faithful to God through them.

In all honesty, the people around you (whether we realize this or not) watch to see how you react under pressure. Are you being a good steward and representation of Jesus? Remember, you may be the only Bible someone sees.

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32. Pray for courage and boldness to share the gospel

Sharing how God has changed your life should be easy peasy right? For an extrovert Yes, this is a true statement.

That said, however, believe it or not, some are introverts, including myself. Sharing the gospel when you are very shy and backward when approaching someone to start a conversation about the gospel.

So, if you’re like me, (I know I’m not the only one) pray for courage and boldness to step out in faith boldly so that others will come to know Jesus too.

33. Pray for a deeper relationship with God

Your prayer life should include asking God for ways to draw deeper and closer to Him. Do you know the importance of walking with God deeply?

Our relationship with Jesus is an ongoing daily sanctification journey, so make it a priority to pray for this not just for yourself but for others as well.

34. Pray for children being influenced by negativity

In today’s society, our children are being influenced by their peers and celebrities who are not God-honoring at all.

Have you checked out cartoons lately? Let me tell you now that the good ole wholesome shows are long gone.

Not too long ago my grandson and I watched a cartoon and he looked at me at said “Mamaw, why are they two daddies and no mommy? I was like “Oh my word, are you kidding me?”

If this isn’t bad enough have you checked out the “pop music” scene lately? In my eye, most of the ones that are popular today I wouldn’t want my children listening to, let alone my grandchildren!

Pray for Godly influences to come across their paths to teach them the values and way of the Lord. Amen!

35. Pray that God will reveal any unconfessed sins to repent of

Sin runs deep and there is no escaping it. This my sweet friend is why God sent His one and only perfect begotten Son to suffer the wrath you deserve.

Jesus could have come down from the Cross but let me tell you what held Him there? His LOVE for you. It took a sacrificial spotless lamb to suffer your penalty of sin.

This should remind you to pray that God will reveal any known or unknown sin so you can repent and ask for forgiveness.

an image of scriptures on a calendar with 35 Prayer Prompts to Reboot Your Prayer Life

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Your Turn

Have these 35 prayer prompts helped ignite your prayer life in a good way? You can take one per day and pray with all your heart for God to move in a mighty way. With that said, I’m putting myself on the chopping block as well. I know without a shadow of a doubt that my prayer life could be stronger. I for one will be revisiting my prayer prompts when I fumble for words and don’t know where to start in prayer.

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