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Prayer and Bible Study

Help you Grow a Closer Walk with Jesus

In this book, you’ll have access to:

  • 30 Pages of enriched content designed to help you grow a closer walk with Jesus
  • Complete Christian Prayer list Journaling Page to Empower your Time with God
  • Printable Old & New Testament Bible Reading Checklist
  • And much more...

Use this pretty and unique Bible journaling set to organize and enhance your personal devotional times, Empower your Time with God and help yourself grow a closer walk with Jesus. Our spiritual capacity to experience and enjoy God increases as we walk in purity. Jesus emphasized this truth in the Sermon on the Mount:

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God” (Mt. 5:8).

Get an additional 10-Minute Bible Study Worksheets area at no extra cost.


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The Bible Study Ultimate Planner is a great way to study the bible. I look forward each morning to reading the new verses and learning about the bible with this planner. Now, I have a deeper relationship with God. I recommend this planner to anyone that desires a deeper relationship with God.”

- Anna

I was looking for a way to study the Bible better and found The Bible Study Ultimate Planner. It helped me to go deeper into the scripture of God. I love it because it helps me organize my one-on-one time with God. It has also kept me focused on my yearly goals.”

- Mary

I have had a tough time working through the Bible, but the Bible Study Ultimate Planner has made it easy for me to read and reflect on the word of God. It made my bible study routine a pure joy.”

- Jane

“My spiritual life has been deepened with the Prayer and Bible Study Bundle. It has helped me grow a closer walk with Jesus. I always look forward to my devotional times with this helpful resource. If you follow the layout of this book, your prayer life will not remain the same.”

- Betty

“The Prayer and Bible Study Bundle is a wonderful way to learn the truth about God's word. It’s a powerful guide to effective prayer life based on Biblical principles. I’ve found it helpful and would gladly recommend it to anyone interested in furthering their prayer life.”

- Nicole

“This is a book to treasure! If you want to learn how to pray and receive tangible results, make this book yours. I would recommend an in-depth study of the Prayer and Bible Study Bundle if you want to strengthen your prayer life.”

- Jacob

DOWNLOAD for only $7

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