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Grasping God Given Opportunities to Connect with God

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God given opportunities are what we need to connect with God on a more personable level. What about you sweet friend, do you need a spiritual reset?

When we receive God given opportunities to share the love of Jesus Christ to others we should take full advantage of the blessing to do that very thing. In doing so we will receive the bigger blessings.

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My husband Mike and I have been blessed to be able to go on approximately six-seven Cruises and have experienced many of God’s beautiful artwork on display that he’s created.

I will admit that one of my favorite places to have seen with my natural eyes and never thought I’d be able to see was Niagra Falls.

Pictures do NOT do it justice. It’s awe-inspiring and powerful to witness and it definitely falls into the God given opportunities of a lifetime.


a group of people holding hands and praying with text Are YOU Grasping God Given Opportunities to Connect with God?

Grasping God Given Opportunities to Connect with God and Others

The creator of the universe has given mankind numerous God-given opportunities to witness the wonders of his majestic power. I want to share with you our most recent blessing from God.

Like I said we’ve gotten to go on several cruises but NOTHING like our most recent adventure. I will tell you this much…Now that I have gotten to experience this type of cruise I will NEVER want to do anything but.

K-LOVE CRUISE: God Given Opportunities

If you haven’t heard of K-LOVE before they are a gospel-centered radio station that operates on donations. The Bible tells us that we should surround ourselves with other followers of Christ.

Where there is no counsel, the people fall; But in the multitude of counselors, there is safety. Proverbs 11:14

I am finding a hard time trying to put into words what it was like being solely surrounded by other believers. One word…AMAZING!I would have to describe it as I imagine Heaven being in my mind.

ALL people focused on ONE objective…Worshipping and Glorifying our Savior and King…Christ Jesus! If you ever get the chance I highly encourage you to go on a K-LOVE cruise. Trust me when I say you will NOT regret it.

A Gospel Centered Life

Everything on board is gospel centered. I will give you a rundown of just a few.

  • Morning Worship and Preaching
  • Entertainment was ALL Christian Bands
  • The music playing EVERYWHERE was Christian Music
  • Baptisms were performed on the top deck swimming pool
  • Conversations with others were centered on Christ
  • It was nothing to see small groups of people huddled in Prayer
  • Upon speaking to anyone you meet you formed a common bond

Pool Side Baptisms

Here are a few of the Baptism photos and as you can see two of the photos are of more than one individual being submerged. Married couples wanted to be baptized together.

Getting a glimpse of Heaven

Friends, God given opportunities such as this are getting a small version of what Heaven will be like. Many people of different tribes and tongues glorifying and worshipping our Savior! Glory to GOD!!

Friends, God given opportunities such as this are getting a small version of what Heaven will be like. Many people of different tribes and tongues glorifying and worshipping our Savior! Glory to GOD!!

Connect with God on a God Given Opportunity

I used to be a fan of what the world considers Top 40 hits/Pop music. Now I’m NOT telling you what to listen to so Please do NOT misunderstand what I’m about to explain.

When I rededicated my life to Christ I was heavily convicted with the type of music I loved.

Much of today’s music and videos are highly filled with sexual innuendo foul language and to be honest nudity and leaving NOT much to the imagination and I’m sure you get my point.

I am a firm believer what you put in will come out. In other words who and what you surround yourself with makes a difference. So I prayed and asked God to PLEASE take away the love I had for this type of music.

Now when the child of God prays a specific prayer like this you’d best believe God will do exactly what you ask. Not ONLY did God take it away.

Now I can’t listen to any other type of music but Christian and Gospel-Centered music which is the heart of worship music.

Be careful what you pray for right? Now I am NOT saying any other kind of music is a sin but for ME personally, I am under conviction if I do.

Trust me I’m trying to make a point!

Not ONLY did this cruise have Christian music but the entertainment was some of my FAVORITE bands!


Thank You, Jesus, for this incredible God given opportunity to connect with God! Now wait a minute it gets better.

Did I forget to mention that we not ONLY got to see them perform LIVE but we actually got to do a meet and greet and have a photo with them! Pictures below for proof. Lol


As you can probably tell in these photos we were more than a little starstruck by this God-given Opportunity!

However as talented as ALL of these artists are we are ALL THE SAME in the eyes of God.

They are born again followers of Jesus Christ just like you and I and have ALL the same trials and temptations as we do.

Needless to say, it was a dream come true for me! Plus I was able to give each of them my Blog card (as you see in the pics my card is clearly in my hand

Way to be discreet Angie) and asked them if they felt led to share Please do. That was a blessing in itself.


We as citizens of the United States are a great Country so PLEASE do NOT take this the wrong way but we are incredibly SPOILED!

Just as all of the other cruises I have been blessed to be a part of it’s hard to witness some of the things in other countries.

Now I realize many of you who follow me are from other countries and I am so thankful for you! Friends we take for granted many things these other countries do NOT have.

It’s so sad and it breaks my heart. I want to share something that took place while we were in Belize.

There was a group of us on a city tour and a few children spotted us. They came running as fast as their little legs could carry them.

If I’m not mistaken they were around 4-5 children that ranged to be between 8-11.

I have no idea what language they were speaking but the kept shouting and waving a paper at us. The driver kept going but I know in my heart that they were wanting us to purchase something from them and help them in some way.

Children should be playing NOT having to think about ways to provide. I have grandchildren their ages who have way more than these will probably ever see. It broke my heart.

Not to mention everywhere we went people were practically begging us to help them. I’d give anything if I could help EVERYONE but I know that’s not possible because I do not have the resources to do so. However, I can and will PRAY for them.

God Given Opportunity for our Waiter to Connect with God

My husband and I will often ask those we come into contact with this…”Is there a way we can Pray for YOU”

Usually, people are surprised when we boldly ask them outright and they reply…”Wow, no one has EVER asked me that before!”  More often than not they have tears in their eyes with that reply.

Ignst our waiter was no different.

Friends I can not put into words his reaction but I will give you his response.

He replied with tears streaming down his face Friends. He was that shocked. His response was “YOU want to pray for ME?” “Now?”

We said, ” Yes, of course!”

When he was able to speak he said: “Will you please pray for my family because I have a wife and new daughter that I do NOT get to see much. “I have to make money so I can provide!”

Mike and I had tears streaming down our faces then. We wanted to bless him but unknown to him we were blessed much more.

This trip has definitely changed me in many ways and I’m so thankful!!

So my dear loved ones if you find yourself in any God-Given Opportunities use it to the fullest and share the love of Jesus Christ. When you do this you just may have someone connect with God!

When God blesses YOU in a situation WE have NO IDEA that we can receive an unexpected blessing. Remember, there is a chance to pay it forward and bless another in return even more than yourself.

much love, your sister in Christ, Angie

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  1. LOVE this post, Angie! Everything about it. I started listening to Christian music about 15 years ago, and like you, I was convicted not to listen to secular bands anymore. I wanted to be uplifted and encouraged instead of focusing on the world, it’s desires and pursuits (which largely do not reflect the heart and grace of God). Same with Christian fiction. Sadly, many books classified as “Christian” do not reflect values that glorify God. More than ever, believers need to be discerning. Can’t wait to set sail on the K-LOVE cruise with you in early 2020! I found out the other day another FaceBook friend will also be on the cruise. Keep posting, and I’ll keep reading. Thank you for blessing me and others!

    1. Thank You so much, JoAnn. Encouraging words and praise from you mean so very much to me, not ONLY because you are a well known talented Christian Author who I highly respect, especially for NOT bowing down to the world standards and never forsaking your Christian convictions…but mostly because you are first and foremost my Friend. I’m looking so forward to hanging with my favorite Christian best selling Author! Who else is going? Someone, I know? Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate and Love you very much!

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