How God Wants to Use You

How God Can Use You and Your Story in 3 Powerful Ways

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Do you know God can use YOU to showcase HIS will through YOUR “real life” everyday struggles? As born-again followers of Jesus Christ, You and I are created for a purpose and that is to be a living testimony as a disciple of Jesus Christ!

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10

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a couple sitting a bench talking with text Do YOU Know God Wants to Use You? Here are 3 Powerful Ways!

How God can use you

God longs to use you and I. As disciple’s of Christ, you are probably thinking “Well Duh, I know that”, but far too many Christians never witness to others because they think they need a degree and that’s up to the pastors and elders of the Church.

1. God Uses Ordinary People

I want you to grasp the knowledge that God uses ordinary people like you and I. We can share “our stories” both before and after being saved through faith, to point lost souls to God! That being said, If “GOD” can use “ME” he can use “YOU” too!

2. God Uses the Broken

Trust Me, I’m a very ordinary individual. That being said, God uses the weak and broken for His Kingdom purposes and God wants to use you and brokenness for the purpose of helping others know the freedom found in Him.

3. God uses the Willing

It may be hard to believe, but GOD wants to use you for a particular purpose for His glory. Yes, I’m definitely placing emphasis on GOD being BIG and you and I being small purposely. 

See Friends, God can use “ALL OF US!” God just wants us to say…”God use me for your purpose!!”

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Stop making excuses because if God can use me…God can use you too! I am far from a perfect Christian. To begin with, there’s no such thing as being perfect apart from God!

You and I called to disciple people as well. God uses the broken. We are really getting it wrong and sadly we convince ourselves of the following for excuses NOT to do so:

  • My Sins are too bad
  • Selfishness
  • I’m Not good enough
  • When I’m a stronger Christian I will do ___?

However, God has chosen to use you and I (born again followers of Jesus Christ) to reveal himself to the lost, hurting, and broken people in this world NOW…Not Later!

God Chose You

Jesus Christ fills us with his Holy Spirit to spread the good news of salvation and restoration that is obtained with God. All God Wants Is To Use You and For You To Say Yes!

I will be the first one to tell you that I mess up too many times to count. That being said at the end of the day I do the best I know how and God knows my heart.

Do I use big eloquent words and speech? No! Do I try to force you into believing the way I do? No! I just use “me!”

My prayer is people will come to know Jesus Christ by the life I live and lead so in other words I want my actions to back up what I say and do. Every person created has a testimony (story) that can be shared.

How can God use me?

You may be thinking…Angie, How can God use me?

Our “stories” will show how lost we were before we surrendered our life to Jesus Christ. We’re still broken but we’re made “Beautifully Broken” in Jesus Christ!

It’s NOT a one size fits all way of sharing. I believe God uses an individual that has walked a similar road to reach a particular person. What better-qualified individual than someone who has “been there, done that” pathway.


  • Physical Abuse
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse

I walked a road that has left many scars to this day. Anyone who has been in an abusive situation knows this path all too well. For those who haven’t, I thank God you don’t know what it’s like. I share my testimony of abuse openly and honestly.

These words have been spoken to me countless times:

“Why didn’t you just leave the situation?” I NEVER would have allowed anyone to treat me that way!

That my friends are hard to explain to someone who knows nothing about what it’s like. We become so beaten down mentally, emotionally, and worst of all physically. You come to believe it’s YOUR fault why these things have taken place.

It’s a control thing!

At one point in my life, I was convinced that I’d be better off dead and if not for the GRACE OF GOD, I would be. See I can see God using me to reach individuals that may be dealing with this same issue.

I know firsthand what it’s like therefore I understand and can relate to them on a level that others would not be able to do so. I can also let them know there IS hope for them and happiness can be obtained!

Something good has come out of that time in my life and I can share my story with other women. In doing so it opens a conversation of where I have hope today…I found my hope in God, and they can too.

HOW GOD can use you

What does your background look like that can possibly help someone now?


Has your path led you on a road of drug or alcohol abuse? I’m NOT judging you by no means but if this was your walk you are in a position to help those facing these same struggles. I have NO IDEA what it’s like and I wouldn’t pretend I do.

I could TRY to help someone who is dealing with either of these situations but I wouldn’t understand what they’re dealing with.

But possibly you do?

Can you see what a beacon of hope you could be for them? May I plead with you to humble yourself and share your testimony?

If YOU tell them how God has set you free from those addictions maybe they can find hope out of the darkness and despair too.


I’m gonna embarrass myself now but this is a “real issue!” In today’s world “Sex” is ALL around us and peer pressure is at an ALL-TIME HIGH.

It’s in commercials, videos, music, internet, TV programs, etc…It’s like you’re in the minority if you choose to exclude yourself from things your “friends” are “into!”

I have NEVER had an issue with pornography. EVER! To be honest it makes me blush thinking about it.

I’ve never had any interest whatsoever related to this and I get picked on tremendously due to my “lack” of knowledge. 

I was a virgin when I got married and Yes, I had a very sheltered childhood and I’m very thankful for that. Did it cause you trouble in your relationships or with your family?

I would NOT know, how to approach someone who faces these challenges. However, maybe this was your life. Maybe you know all too well how hard it was to stop these images from invading your mind.

If so, you can come alongside someone who desperately wants to leave that life behind as well. You can share how God has redeemed you and set you free of that path.

Talking about freedom and rest for a weary soul!


Being depressed is a lonely place to be. I know this to be true because I have been there! You know you’re in a somber state of mind when you’d rather stay in bed let alone see or speak to anyone.

All you see is utter darkness without a pinpoint of light. I admit looking back on it now my depressed state was nowhere near as bleak as some I come into contact with today.

As you read this you may be thinking, “Angie, this described me perfectly!” I have personally struggled with anxiety and depression and I want to help someone else get through it.

Not only that but also to share were complete in Christ, not the loneliness. And Pray to know their identity in Christ.

In closing on How God can Use You and Your Brokenness

Now that I’ve given you a few examples of how God can use you do you realize what a precious gift YOU can pass on to another broken individual today Friends?

GOD CHOSE YOU so allow God to use you!

As you know there are numerous categories where we can be making a difference in someone’s life! Let’s use our deepest and painful struggles that have taken place in our lives to help those today who need to hear it the most.

Just remember in opening a conversation about who and what we were before and after accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior will not ONLY help those to see a way out of their path but will also lead them to a path of Salvation.

Also, be sure to check out our Resources and Freebies Page’s for a deeper intimacy with God and HIS word, and encouragement for any trials you may be enduring right now.

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  1. You are exactly right that God wants to use you – me and all of us. No really in spite of our messes but with our messes. He is so much bigger than that and can use those hard times from our past to help reach others in hard times.

    1. Absolutely Tiffany. I say all the time that I learn more in the most difficult times of my life than when everything is going well. Thank You for reaching out and I appreciate you letting me link your post to mine as well

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