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Do you have a fixer personality where you want to help everyone, but feel helpless when you can’t? Do you want to solve all the problems of the world? Do you want to help everyone that crosses your path? Having a fixer personality isn’t always a good thing though. Do you question “I can’t fix it, Lord! God, I’m doing my best to try and fix these situations and I don’t know what else to do.


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What type of personality do you have?

What is The Definition Of A fixer personality Type?

As I was doing research on the definition of a fixer personality I was stunned by what I found. I get told quite often that this is me. I’d never even heard of the term until I went digging. Needless to say, it describes me to the tee.

The Fixer is a person who looks at something that’s broken and makes it their mission to not only repair it but also enhance it. They see the potential in something or someone and become obsessed with building it from the ground up.

A fixer is someone who feels best when helping others. When they see someone less fortunate than themselves, they immediately want to find a way to remedy that situation.

They have a keen sense of the unfairness in the world and strive to correct it. They volunteer to help others and are generally charitable people

What Are Five Questions To Consider For A Fixer Personality Type?

1. What choices have led to the problems at hand?

People are responsible for their own choices in life. God has given everyone free will to choose which direction they will go. The thing is for every choice there are also consequences of that choice. Keep that in mind.

2. Is this part of a larger problem…such as addiction or carelessness?

This is a tough question to answer. I’ve never understood addiction of any kind. Members of my family have issues with this but I can not be their rescuer…they must want to help themselves and seek whatever help is needed to accomplish it.

3. Is the individual recognizing their personal role in the problem?

This is an internal soul-seeking question the person must ask themselves. It’s between them and God alone unless they chose to share it with a trustworthy friend.

4. Is this a problem they can fix on their own?

Whatever the problem the person is facing if they are adults they need to try to fix the problem on their own instead of relying on someone bailing them out.

5. Who is more motivated to “fix” the problem…the individual, or you?

It’s of the utmost importance that the individual recognizes they have a problem…whatever the case may be. More often than not when you mention it to them the person becomes angry.

Answering these questions is a must if you want to stop being a fixer personality type and stop overcoming the need to fix…everything!

Remember, when we take over responsibility for other people’s problems or emotions it deprives them of the chance to learn and grow from them. We can’t be their rescuer.

Fixer Personality? How Do You Overcome the Need to Fix Everything?

I say this all the time. I honestly feel God has given me too much compassion and heart for other people’s needs. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

You’re probably agreeing with my statement and thinking… What are you getting at Angie? The problem is this…I want to “fix” the problems of everyone I come into contact with.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it can be when it consumes your energy not being able to do anything about the circumstances.

Seriously though, this is me pouring my heart out to you. As Christians, you must model the same love and compassion Jesus Christ has shown to others.

My Fixer Personality Examples where I want to help but can’t in most cases

  • Financial needs of everyone I come in contact with.
  • Drug and alcohol addiction of countless people.
  • Salvation I desperately long to happen for my family and friends.
  • Countless patients in my care of cancer and blood disorders.
  • Someone not wanting a relationship with me.

It’s so hard for me to see someone struggling with finances. Granted, I am far from being wealthy myself. But I see people every day that are just trying to meet daily needs such as food, utilities, a job, and a way to get from point A to point B.

It’s hard to NOT help if I’m able to do so!

rescuer Personality

I have one of the most difficult jobs in my opinion. Chemotherapy isn’t cheap. When I see patients worrying about how they’re gonna pay for their care it really bothers me.

I read notes all the time that say they couldn’t pay their co-pay. They already have tough choices to make but when you see them juggling do I have my treatment and medicines or do I pay my rent and groceries?

It pulls on my heartstrings! I want to help all of them! My reality is I can’t. No matter how much I want to.

Overcoming the need to fix drug and alcohol addiction

I’ve NEVER used a medication that hasn’t been prescribed to me first. Alcohol is something I haven’t tasted until I was in my mid-twenties and I don’t do it at all now.

It has never been an issue for me. In my personal opinion, it doesn’t change your problems and to me, it only makes them worse in the long run! 

Doing either of these things may get your minds off your problems while intoxicated but once it’s out of your system…Your issues are still there. They do NOT magically go away. How is that helping?

However, I know many who can’t make it through a day without either. I have family members who struggle with this and can’t say what it’s like because I don’t know what it’s like to have that kind of struggle.

I see men and women lying on the streets carrying their only belongings on their backs and holding signs in their hands begging for something to eat.

It’s hard for me to fathom that people will go without their basic needs to feed other habits.

I also realize many find themselves in a hard place and want a helping hand in need of care. I want to help all of them! My reality is I can’t. No matter how much I want to.

overcoming the need to fix personal relationships with god

I have countless family and friends who do NOT have a personal relationship with my Lord and Savior and I want to walk up to them and shout what are you waiting for?

I’ve heard the expression once you hit rock bottom the only way you have left is up. I find that a true statement

If you look up to God! The truth is you are NOT promised your next breath let alone tomorrow. Yet people live like they have all the time in the world.

They’ll say let me do this first then I will come to God. That’s a crutch. I want to see ALL my loved ones make it to Heaven. My problem is that “I” try to “save” them.

Newsflash Angie, You can NOT save other people. God alone can do that. So jump off the pedestal you’re on. My job is to plant the seed and let God do the saving.

I want to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others and convince them to open their hearts to receive God right there on the spot on my terms! My reality is I can’t do that. No matter how much I want to.

Overcoming the need to fix love

I want to be a friend to everyone. We all want to be liked, who doesn’t…right? The sad truth is we can’t force someone to like us. In many cases, you give and give yourself and do NOT receive anything back. 

You go out of your way to be nice to others and you receive a cold shoulder in return. I can remember in school the times I wanted to be that “popular girl” but I was too shy to come out of my shell.

Now that I make known that I’m a born-again follower of Jesus Christ you’d think I had the plague. Non-followers tend to run the other way thinking you’re out to “fix” them, and they don’t see an issue with their lifestyle.

I believe the real problem is we make them uncomfortable. They start feeling convictions in their own life, therefore pushing us away. They don’t understand that we want them to feel the joy of knowing God personally.

I just want everyone to see Jesus Christ in me and come to know Him. The reality is not everyone will no matter how much I want them to.

How do you stop being a Type of personality who wants to fix everyone?

In all the suggestions I listed can you tell me how many you can control and “fix” in your strength? That would be a BIG ZERO! Sure you can begin with the best intentions. God knows your heart and motives, but it wouldn’t be enough.

give it to God

The truth is you do not compare with what God can do. Only God can “fix” people’s circumstances and change their hearts. He can break the chains and set them free in all things. It doesn’t matter how big or small.

The problem lies in the fact that some people feel like they don’t need to be fixed. The sad truth is if they don’t want to seek help. There’s nothing you can do about that.

The individual has to recognize first and foremost that they need help before a change can be made. You cannot do the actual work of changing someone even if they want you to. This is something they have to do on their own.

Be a Listener and not a doer

More often than not when someone feels they can come to you to share their “problems and/or issues” they know they can trust you.

Don’t be quick to place judgment and/or offer a quick fix/way out. More than likely the individual is already feeling guilt and shame.

That being said, do you tend to want to jump in and “fix it” yourself? However, you will learn the hard way that this isn’t fixing their issues.

To be honest it makes the situation worse because then you are enabling the person to continue on the path they desperately need to get off of.

Assess the situation

Before you’re quick to jump in to help someone’s situation, stop, and assess the situation.

The following video demonstrates how the Holy Spirit can set you free from all things! Only God can fix it! These young adults do an amazing job and it’s changing lives.


Bible verses for a fixer personality

Great is our Lord, and mighty in power; His understanding is infinite. Psalm 147:5

But Jesus looked at them and said to them, With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26

Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me? Jeremiah 32:27

I know that You can do everything And that no purpose of Yours can be withheld from You. Job 42:2

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