Healing after Abuse

Healing After Abuse

Are you or someone you love in an abusive situation? You CAN find purpose and healing after abuse sweet friend. In Christ Alone.

God is faithful and He can help you, grace by grace, to find hope and healing to live a victorious life! In Him, we have the victory!

It’s ALL about Letting Go and Letting God do the Mending!

This is a safe place for you to find help and healing from physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse.

If you are suffering abuse and need help, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline and get the help you need!

Remember, Mending the Soul is a crucial part of the journey to find healing after abuse.

Also, Teen Dating Violence is on the rise and it’s extremely important that awareness be made a priority for your teen children or a friend you know seeking help.

I highly recommend faith-based abuse recovery to HELP you find healing so that you can fly free of the bondage and control of your abusive relationship.

It’s of the utmost importance that the Church and Christian Leaders be held accountable in cases of abuse and be supportive of the victims of abuse instead of covering it up.

Please consider watching Julie Roys interview with Naghmeh Panah to gain a biblical understanding of the abuse and betrayal I’m referencing.