Experiencing Loss

a sad woman sitting in a chair looking out the window featured Experiencing Loss

Losing a loved one can leave us with numerous questions, right? We are often tempted to ask “Why God Why.” Why did you allow this to happen? Why couldn’t our loved one be healed?

With this in mind, God LOVES YOU first and foremost, and God also never leaves you or forsakes you, sweet friend! Remember, God is at work in your lives, even when you’re experiencing loss.

In all honesty, losing a loved one and the grief journey that follows is never easy but God will use your grief, loss, and suffering, as a tool to showcase His glory through it.

Remember to keep this in the forefront of your mind, as a born-again follower of Jesus Christ, when we’re experiencing loss as a Christian, losing a loved one also gives us the hope of seeing them again for all eternity.

Experiencing loss as a Christian is here to showcase “real life” true stories dedicated to losing a loved one so that you may be comforted through your grief from our personal experiences to HELP YOU through YOURS!