Best Ad Network For Publishers: My Honest Monumetric Review

Best Ad Network For Publishers

Best Ad Network For Publishers

Are you wondering if it’s okay to make money as a Christian blogger? Who would you choose? Would they understand your convictions and work with you and not cross your beliefs and boundaries? If so, I’ve found the best ad network for publishers that you can fully trust, Monumetric.

Resounding His Love Ministries

I’m a Christian a follower of Jesus Christ and I thought it was “wrong” to earn money for the longest time. I started my website Resounding His Love in 2017 mainly to share the gospel. In the beginning, earning money from my website never crossed my mind.

However, I had no clue how much money it took to keep a website running. I worked a full-time job as an oncology phlebotomist and used my salary to pay the expenses to keep my website going for years.

I was digging myself into a hole and couldn’t keep up with the costs. Due to health issues, I had to resign from the job that I loved so very much. Now what? I have no income of my own and I even considered closing my website altogether. But that still small voice of conviction said NO.

Monetize Your Website

Ministries, even small ones like mine have to be self-sustaining or they wouldn’t exist at all. Now, I know my husband would help me but he has enough on His shoulders as it is.

Share a sale

It took me a while to monetize Resounding His Love. I wanted to honor God first and foremost and go in the right direction. I messed up a lot at first. I tried Share a Sale first but I messed up by linking to the products I use for my website. BIG MISTAKE. Conviction Overload. So I removed myself from their affiliate program.


Someone suggested I should open a Shopify store. This cost a lot of money plus I had to pay someone to do it twice. The first individual did not do it right at all and didn’t tell me. I found out from an email from Shopify and needless to say it was embarrassing.

The whole idea behind Shopify to start with is drop shipping. I had several people say, “Angie,” you should try drop shipping. I was like what in the world is that? I was told it could be Christian content only, items such as shirts, cups, bags, jewelry, etc…expensive idea that didn’t go nowhere. Nothing was purchased so I closed it.


So far Amazon has not helped me much at all. Many bloggers say they make a good profit with Amazon…I’m happy for them…but I haven’t made much at all. Now, it would probably go better for me if I would be willing to link to products other than Christian content…but I won’t do that.

Thankfully I’ve found several Christian bloggers that are affiliates and I joined their programs. Even these affiliates together aren’t enough to sustain and cover the expenses for my Christian Website. I knew I’d need to find some other way to help me keep my website running.

A friend suggested ads. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about adding these to my website. What kind of ads would they show? Would it hurt the reader’s experience? Would the ads go against my biblical beliefs? I got ALL my questions answered. Monumetric

Monumetric Review

When I applied for Monumetric they quickly responded back to me. When I had my first conference call it was such a positive and wonderful experience. I explained my convictions to them and they understood and really listened to me. Monumetric is amazing to work with. They have phenomenal customer service. They’ll help you with ad placements and it doesn’t change load time at all. I’m so thankful I was introduced to Monumetric. I’m grateful and it’s money I can count on every month. If you want to monetize your website I would definitely recommend Monumetric.

For the Scripture says, “You shall not muzzle the ox while he is threshing,” and “The laborer is worthy of his wages. 1 Timothy 5:18

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