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In today’s world, you need to have an attitude of gratitude more than ever! Why? Well, it doesn’t take much to notice all the negativity that surrounds you on a day-to-day basis, right? Sweet friend, I have the perfect solution just for you.

My dear friend Wendy Wallace of One Exceptional Life helps women rediscover God’s peace and joy amid the trials of life, through growing their faith, gratitude, joy, and positivity which will teach you an attitude of gratitude.


An attitude of Gratitude Best of One Exceptional Life

The Attitude of Gratitude to Grow Your Positivity Mindset

So many women have endured trauma and long to learn how to find peace in their daily walk with God. To do this they need to know the importance of walking with God and submitting to His will.

The problem is the fear you’ve faced in life makes it hard to discern the Lord’s direction. After trauma, women deal with doubt and often feel they have lost hope. So, what’s the solution?

Let’s go over Wendy’s attitude of gratitude products to help YOU change YOUR positivity mindset so that you choose faith over fear.

Joyful Living Toolbox

Joyful Living Toolbox
Learn about the Joyful Living Toolbox here.

Are you stuck in a woe-is-me rut because life has dealt you way too many challenges? What if you could view those challenges with a “bring it on” mindset?

  • Do you wish you could get your joy back in your life and find some peace?
  • Are you overwhelmed with the negativity that surrounds you everywhere you look?
  • Do you have struggles in your life that seem so big that you can’t focus on anything else?

Learn more of God’s Word to grow your faith & build a closer connection with the Lord through prayer (Resources and Printables to Grow Your Faith and Prayer Life)

Counting our blessings is one of life’s best-kept secrets to turning your focus over from negative to positive (Tips and Tools to Grow Your Gratitude)

Grow Your Gratitude
Grow Your Kindness
Grow your Faith and Prayer and Prayer Life

Grow your gratitude

  • 7 days of Gratitude Journaling Pages
  • 100+ Gratitude Prompts Blessings pages
  • 4 8″ x 10″ Inspirational wall art

Grow your kindness

  • 150+ Random Acts of Kindness 
  • 2 special Random Acts of Kindness pages with resource websites
  • 24 Compliment cards for your Random Acts of Kindness 

Grow faith & prayer life

  • The ACTS method of prayer with complete details & Prayer Journal pages
  • 30 Printable Scripture cards
  • 5 Scripture coloring pages
  • 24 Biblical affirmation cards
  • Scripture of the day, plus a place for prayer requests on each journaling page

Serving others allows us to focus on others instead of our problems. Learn how you show Random Acts of Kindness.

The Joyful Living Toolbox has 70 printable Biblical study resources, prayer information, gratitude, and kindness ideas, and journaling pages to create a beautiful binder that will increase your faith and positivity.

Victory Over Affliction

First and foremost, what does affliction mean? This will give you a background and starting point behind Wendy’s Victory Over Affliction book.

What is the biblical definition of affliction?

An affliction makes you suffer, but you have to deal with it anyway.

Individual affliction, especially sickness, poverty, the oppression of the weak by the strong and rich, perverted justice.

National. A great place is given in the Old Testament to affliction as a national experience, due to calamities, such as war, invasion, conquest by foreign peoples, and exile.

What is Victory Over Affliction?

Victory Over Affliction
Learn about the Victory Over Affliction E-Book here.

Victory Over Affliction is 30 Mindset Challenges to Motivate You is an inspirational digital ebook, to help you through any challenge that you may be facing!  30 days of inspiration to boost your day when you’re feeling personal limitations.

Positivity Mindset

  • Believe in yourself
  • Simplify overcoming challenges
  • You can get through ANY struggle?
  • Turn any situation into a positive life lesson
  • Get through each day with gratitude no matter what you’re going through

Trust me, when I read this book it changed my point of view on my autoimmune health issues and I know it will change yours too. Read Wendy’s story of overcoming challenges and you’ll be blessed.

Faith Over Fear

Fear is something we all face at one time or another. That said, are you fearful about changes happening in your life? Even in the midst of the global pandemic, there is hope in the midst of chaos, sweet friend.

What if you don’t have to be afraid anymore?

Finding Peace in the Storms of Life

Wendy’s resources and printables will equip you to grow your faith and prayer life (Digging deeper into your faith brings peace and comfort when those storms come)

Inside You’ll Get:

You’ll find tips and tools to grow your gratitude (counting your blessings is one of life’s best-kept secrets to turning your focus over from negative to positive)

Finally, you’ll learn how to show kindness to others (Serving others allows us to focus on others instead of our problems)

Praying through the Storms of Life

Is your faith strong enough to face the storms of life? God’s promises inspire the peace and joy that you truly desire!

Let’s check out the benefits of Wendy’s praying through the storms of life’s 30-day challenge, shall we?

Start your day with the promises of God’s Word tucked away in your heart. Be reminded that He is EXACTLY who you need when the storms of life come!

Inside You’ll Get:

The SIMPLEST method to STUDY Scripture and to APPLY God’s Word to your life (to give you the ability to rest in the Lord so that you can have the joy, peace, and encouragement you need, to follow God through any situation)

The BEST printable resources to LEARN and PRAY through the PROMISES OF GOD (to remind you that our LORD is VERY capable of handling your problems for you…if you let Him)

The TOOLS to help you build your FAITH even during the biggest storms of your life (to bring you from doubtful and scared to trusting, believing, and faithful)

Blessings Jar Kit

Are you seeking a fun way to grow your daily gratitude habits? What about making your own blessings jar kit? Wendy has made these great printable resources for sharing Thankfulness with your family!

Who couldn’t use this in their life, right?

Inside You’ll Get:

The BEST printable resources to create your very own Blessings Jar (Mason jar not included, but any container will do!)

The SIMPLEST way to teach your family the importance of developing a GRATITUDE HABIT (and how much fun you’ll have with the kids!)

The TOOLS to help you grow your GRATITUDE HABIT while everyone else is struggling with negativity (Tags & Lids for personalization, Blessings Cards for every season, 60 Blessing prompts & More)

Make one for your family & give them as gifts.

Cultivate a Grateful Heart Bundle

Learn everything you need to know to create your very own 30-day Gratitude Journal/Planner.

Inside You’ll Get:

The BEST printable resources to start and grow your GRATITUDE HABIT (with a beautiful 30-day journal & planner)

The TOOLS to help you build your POSITIVITY while everyone else is struggling with resentment and indignation (30 days of gratitude journaling & planner pages, idea prompts, gratitude cards & much more)

The SIMPLEST way to start COUNTING YOUR BLESSINGS and the importance of adding GRATITUDE into your life (Benefits of gratitude include better health, greater optimism, less self-centered, bounce back faster & a positive impact on your prayer life)

Your Turn

Which do you think is the best option to cultivate an attitude of gratitude from my friend, Wendy Wallace? Be sure to check out her posts on overcoming challenges, spiritual growth, gratitude, joy, and positivity. Wendy is by far the most inspiring woman I’m blessed to know so as read her posts you’ll be blessed too.

Hey Friend, Thanks For Reading!

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