Abuse Recovery Self Help Guide & Journal

Are you in an abusive relationship?

Abuse is a misuse of power intended to harm or control another person. The maltreatment can be physical, verbal, or emotional. All types of abuse can cause pain and psychological distress. Abuse can leave psychological wounds that are harder to heal than bodily injuries.

What you'll Get

Guide against Psychological effects of Abuse

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Mood issue
  • Anger
  • Dissociation
  • Self Destructive Behaviors
  • Shame and so on...

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Read the following testimonials about our Abuse Self Help Guide & Journal

Here’s how the Abuse Self Help Guide & Journal has helped people around you:

“I suffered emotional and physical abuse from my partner for over five years. It affected my self-confidence and self-esteem. I was depressed and thought there was no way out until a friend gifted me a copy of the Abuse recovery handbook. It was a lifesaver! It helped me cut off from the source of my pain. I was finally able to live life on my terms and rebuild my sense of self-worth. If you’re going through any form of abuse, this is the book for you.”

- Jessica

“Thanks, Angie, for this valuable resource. This book finally gave me the courage to escape my abusive relationship. I was stuck with my abuser for three years and didn’t know how to break free. I used the guides in the Abuse recovery handbook to block my abuser’s attacks and regain control of my life.”

- Lisa

“This book is an eye-opener! I suffered ten years of extreme abuse from my female partner, my sanity was at stake. I pretended to be okay all these years, but my life was gradually fading away. My partner was controlling, manipulating, disrespecting, and insulting me all these years. I was in and out of therapy sessions to overcome this abuse until I read the Abuse recovery handbook. I was finally able to break free from all the abuse that held me captive.”

- David

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Abuse Recovery Self Help Guide & Journal

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