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7 Helpful Ways to Find Healing After Abuse

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Sweet Friend, If you are enduring ANY type of abuse in your life, hope and healing can be found. It doesn’t matter if it’s physical, emotional, verbal, or sexual abuse, I want you to grasp this reality. There are helpful ways to find healing from abuse, move forward, and have joy in your life again.

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I’ve been where you may find yourself now. In fact, one of the hardest areas for me was the despair and loneliness that I had no one in my “corner.” However, in all honesty, like myself, we are never alone and have someone walking beside us every step we take. His name is Jesus.


How to Find Healing after Abuse

I recently heard Zack Williams’s new song titled “There Was Jesus” The Chorus is a beautiful reminder of the truth that no matter what’s going on in our lives, whether it be pain or suffering Jesus is there.

When I was at the lowest point in my life I didn’t believe this was true. I was suffering big time and I thought Jesus left me to handle my abusive situation on my own.

Looking back now, I can see God working and moving on my behalf. That being said, now I use that part of my life to help others in abusive situations find healing too.

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7 Helpful Ways to Find Healing from Abuse

If you’re a victim of Domestic Violence, there are numerous emotions you have to face and deal with before you can start the healing process so you can be FREE from the pain.

I want to be completely honest when I say healing doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to work through and it can be more than a little scary.

In some ways, I still struggle today even though I haven’t been in that type of environment since 2000.

Furthermore, certain days will spark a memory and I find myself becoming angry and have to pray and ask God to help me not hold that resentment.

With this in mind, I’m going to give you 7 helpful ways to find healing from abuse.

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Don’t Deny the Abuse Happened to You

For the longest time, my abuser made me feel like I “asked for” or “made him” physically hurt me. To put it another way, I walked on eggshells all the time because it was as if I was living with Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde.

And let’s not forget about the “covering up” and making excuses for why “YOU” are the ones to blame for their actions. In reality, it’s their insecurities being forced on you.

More often than not the “abused” desperately wants to think they can “fix” their “abuser” or help them “change their ways.” However, the question remains…Can the abuser change their ways? Can you find healing after abuse? It’s possible, but they must want to.

Seek Counsel from Your Pastor, Christian Counselor, or Friend

It’s crucial to find someone you can completely trust because if you don’t all the feelings you’re trying to keep buried inside will lead you down a path to destruction. How do I know this? This is exactly what happened to me, sweet friend.

I kept things bottled up to the point that I didn’t want to live anymore because I didn’t see any way another way of escaping the pain I was in.

What did I do?

I tried to take my own life by downing an entire bottle of narcotics. If it were not for God’s grace I would NOT be here sharing my story with you and how to find healing from abuse as well.

Let Go of Any Blame and Guilt

If you have been or are being abused this is not your fault. There is absolutely nothing that you did or didn’t do wrong to “make” them abuse you. I was forced into doing things that I wanted no part of and then was made to feel that I wanted it.

I have lived years upon years over the guilt, shame, and remorse concerning this. If you can relate to this do yourself a favor by letting go and letting God carry the burden. You can’t beat yourself over past mistakes and choices that were coerced upon you.

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See Yourself as God Sees You

God sees you as his beautiful beloved child so STOP believing the lies upon lies of negativity that have spoken to you. I’m going to keep it real when I say this area is one of the hardest for me to achieve.

My self-worth, confidence, and self-esteem were hammered with false words. Remember your “identity is in Christ!

That being said, try your best to start seeing YOU as God sees YOU. God sees YOU as beautiful, YOU are chosen and loved, YOU have hope in Christ to live an abundant life for His glory!

Use Your Testimony of Abuse to Help Others Through Theirs

Our personal testimony has the power to help others with a particular issue. When you use your pain and suffering to help others through theirs, lives are changed.

To start with, when you’re a survivor of abuse YOU can relate on a level that no one else understands. All the feelings you experienced more likely than not, others are feeling them as well.

You can share these feelings and let others know they’re not alone and it will get better in time. Remind others that abuse is NOT ok and abuse is not love.

Forgive Your Abuser to Find Freedom

Now I realize this one will be by far the most challenging thing you will EVER do. Furthermore, when you forgive your abuser you’ll realize the prisoner you release is YOU!

Sweet friend, in all honesty, I held a grudge for the longest time, and the person it hurt the most was ME! I also realize you will think this is an impossible task to do.

Trust me when I say I understand, and this will take time. However, what does God’s word say about forgiveness?

God’s word says to forgive others for their trespasses against us if we want to receive forgiveness for our sins. It also says to pray for those who persecute you.

When you are able to forgive your abuser the prisoner you release is you. #abuse Click To Tweet

But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins. Matthew 6:15

But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. Matthew 5:44

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Healing from Abuse Quotes

Healing from Abuse: “Instead of saying, ‘I’m damaged, I’m broken, I have trust issues.’ say ‘I’m healing, I’m rediscovering myself, I’m starting over.'”

Horacio Jones

Healing from Abuse: “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”

Alice Walker

Healing from Abuse: “Real confidence comes from knowing and accepting yourself – your strengths and your limitations – in contrast to depending on affirmation from others.”Judith M. Bardwick

Judith M. Bardwick

Healing from Abuse: “Courage is like a muscle. We strengthen it with use.”

Ruth Gordon

Healing from Abuse: “You can recognize survivors of abuse by their courage. When silence is so very inviting, they step forward and share their truth so others know they aren’t alone.”

Jeanne McElvaney, “Healing Insights: Effects of Abuse for Adults Abused as Children”

Healing from Abuse: “By publicly speaking out against domestic violence, together we can challenge attitudes toward violence in the home and show that domestic violence is a crime and not merely unacceptable.”

Honor Blackman

Healing from Abuse: “No woman has to be a victim of physical abuse. Women have to feel like they are not alone.”

Salma Hayek


Healing from Abuse: “Psychological and emotional wellness is an ongoing process for everyone.”.

C. Kennedy, Ómorphi

Healing from Abuse: “Don’t judge yourself by what others did to you.”

C. Kennedy, Ómorphi

Healing from Abuse: “Do not look for healing at the feet of those who broke you.”

Rupi Kaur, “Milk and Honey”

Healing from Abuse: “From what I’ve been told, the scariest part of being part of a domestic abuse relationship is the idea that you cannot escape and you cannot get help, that feeling of being stuck.”

Kerry Washington

Healing from Abuse: “Domestic violence is any behavior involving physical, psychological, emotional, sexual, or verbal abuse. It is any form of aggression intended to hurt, damage, or kill an intimate person.”

Asa Don Brown

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Be sure to check out our resource page titled help for abused women. It’s jam-packed full of information to help you with physical abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, and sexual abuse.

Below is the single most question abused women get asked. Please watch the video to gain knowledge and understanding of where abuse is concerned.

Below is the #1 Question to Women in Abusive Relationships. Why does the “abused” stay? Should I stay or should I go?

In Closing on 7 Helpful Ways to Find Healing From Abuse

Rely on God and His promises to carry you through the painful times. To put it differently, memories may invade your mind and bring back old fears from time to time.

Be ready for this. Satan’s job is to lie and discourage believers from doubting God and His promises to His children. God’s word promises he will NEVER forsake you or leave you EVER!

Know and cling to the fact that you are a child of God, chosen by him, NOT what your abuser taught you to believe about yourself!

Can I encourage you to listen to Zach Williams’s new song “There Was Jesus” because it spoke to my heart and spirit? Can I ask you to do this one thing for me?

Close your eyes and focus intently on the words of this song. Will YOU trust me? In all the times you think no one is there for you…There Was Jesus

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  1. This is a beautiful piece. I believe that no matter the circumstances, you triumph because you are empowered by the Holy Spirit to overcome. So let the Lord fight for you. Let the Lord fight through you..

    1. Thank you so much, Janice. Your encouragement and kind words show the Love of Christ in and through you. The Lord definitely fights our battles for us even when we do not realize right at times. Much love to you.

  2. Such an encouraging post Angie. Using your own experiences to encourage others is absolutely the best way to show how Jesus works in our lives. But it certainly isn’t easy. I was sexually abused by my brother, but with no resolution or counseling, it left me feeling shame and anger for a long time. Only God changed my heart to forgive him. You are so right in that it takes time, and patience, and God. Bless you for sharing Angie! A very important post!

    1. Thank you so much, AnnMarie. You are right! When we share our testimonies it helps others going through similar situations and prove you can overcome any the bad circumstances in life. I am so sorry you were sexually abused your brother. That’s stuff but I am glad you were able to forgive him because as I said, the prisoner it releases is us! I appreciate you always supporting me and it means so much to me.

  3. Wonderful post Angie. I spent years working with women in abusive situations. It is such a difficult thing to escape. Those who have not experienced it do not realize the complexities of situations and decisions the woman has to make. Also, the mental and emotional abuse is terrible. Your ability to bring hope and light is amazing.

    1. Thank you so much Fleda. It’s not an easy situation to escape and as you said others don’t understand the complexities that goes along with it. It’s my hope what I write helps others. I appreciate your positive feedback and support

  4. My heart breaks thinking about what you must have gone through. I have my own memories of a former relationship that I choose to forget. But sometimes they rear their ugly heads. I’m so thankful for moving on and for the life I have now. You’re a great role model of survival, Angie. Great post!

    1. Thanks You so much Wendy. It’a a time in my life I choose to forget as well but if I’m surrounded in certain situations the memories are hard to push away. It wasn’t an easy experience for certain. Thanks for always supporting me and your friendship means the world to me

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