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Overcoming Challenging Times Checklist

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Are you facing struggles in life?

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Meet the author

Welcome! I’m Angela!

I help women by sharing resources for real life situations and struggles in life as a Christian so that when life gets hard you can live a happier, stronger fulfilled life in Jesus Christ. As Christians, God NEVER promises an easy life, But God did promise WE WOULD NEVER BE ALONE!

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Christian Living Featured

As you go through life, there are many lessons you learn and can share as a believer in Jesus Christ, with others. Browse real life situations that prove with God’s help there’s nothing you can’t overcome.

Bible Study Featured

Do you question what does the Bible say about a specific topic? What about a particular Bible verse? Here are posts to gain spiritual growth for your daily walk with the Lord.

God At Work

Turn Your “Mess” Into A Greater Message

Hickory Bible Church features couples in a God at Work series which displays how God turns your “mess” into a bigger “message” for His glory. When asked if Mike and I would be willing to share our story I’m NOT gonna sugarcoat it, I was scared to do so. Watch the video along with our written testimony on how God works through tragedies and you’ll understand why. 

Watch to see how God changed our real life situations

Experiencing Loss Featured

Experiencing loss as a Christian is here to showcase real life situations and true stories dedicated to losing a loved one so that you may be comforted through your grief from our personal experiences to HELP YOU through YOURS!

Prayer Life Featured

A prayer life is simply having a one-on-one conversation with your Heavenly Father and spiritual communion with God. Prayer life consists of supplication, thanksgiving, adoration, or confession. Here are posts specifically pertaining to prayer.

Ready To Make Prayer And Bible Study YOUR Top Priority?

Use this pretty and unique Bible journaling set to organize and enhance your personal devotional times and a 10-Minute Bible Study Worksheet.

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Is Your Quiet Time In God’s Word Messy And Unorganized?

Learn more about our FREE digital system using Trello and see how it will keep your quiet time simplified electronically.