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Welcome, I’m Angie

Owner and Founder of Resounding His Love

As an influencer, I help Christian women battling real-life circumstances and struggles so that when life gets hard I remind them to trust God completely even when things seem impossible. Gain biblical knowledge, grow in faith, strengthen your prayer life, and renewed hope for the loss of loved ones. You can trust God’s direction and faithfulness when you Let Go And Let God handle it.  

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If you need HELP in the areas of Bible Study, Christian Living, Experiencing Loss, and Prayer Life, you’re in the right place. We’re ALL a work in progress being molded by the hands of the potter but our hope is anchored by the finished work of Jesus on the Cross. Browse our collection of faith-filled stories where you will learn to overcome any obstacle with God. You’ll find encouragement to help you thrive in Christ

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Bible Study

Bible Study is crucial for your daily walk and sanctification with your Heavenly Father. As Christian women, we need to grow from spiritual milk to solid food in the faith. Our faith-based gospel-centered articles will guide you to God’s word so you find who and where your source of strength comes from.

Bible Verses About

Read Bible verses about specific scriptures in the Bible. Fall in love with God’s word as you grow in knowledge, wisdom, and understanding about the topic of the scripture you’re looking for.

30 Days to a Personal Spiritual Revival

30 Days to a Personal Spiritual Revival

Start each day with Scriptures that will Help you Grow Spiritually

This is a 30-day planner to help kickstart spiritual revival in not only your life but those around you. There’s a place to list your personal information, list your goals, a ready-to-implement monthly planner to keep you on track using the SOAP Bible Study Method, and much more.

What Does The Bible Say About

Read what does the Bible say about specific topics. Dig deeper into the Bible to gain knowledge, wisdom, and, understanding of what the bible says about the topic you’re studying. Could you use a tool to help you keep your Bible study organized? Take a look at the perfect solution for you…Trello Bible Study Organization.

Christian Living

As you go through life, there are many lessons you learn and can share as a believer in Jesus Christ with others. Browse real-life stories that prove with God, there’s nothing you can’t overcome spiritually. As Christian women, we need Godly friendships that will keep us on our God-given paths, especially when life gets hard.

Experiencing Loss

Losing a loved one leaves us with numerous questions, right? We’re often tempted to ask “Why God Why.” Why did you allow this to happen? Why couldn’t our loved one be healed? Friend, when grief overwhelms your heart this is when you must walk by faith not by sight when life gets hard.

Everyone suffers from a loss, just know in Christ, you can see your loved ones again in Heaven. Check out our Grief and Loss Collaboration Series as these authors and I share our grief journey one day at a time.

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God At Work


Our Church features couples in a God at Work series which displays how God turns your “mess” into a bigger “message” for His glory. When asked if Mike and I would be willing to share our story I’m NOT gonna sugarcoat it, I was scared to do so. Watch the video along with our written testimony on how God works through tragedies and you’ll understand why.


Do you have unsaved loved ones whom you have prayed for their salvation? Do you feel as though your prayers are falling on deaf ears? Enter your mail to grab our 30-day prayer challenge that gives you a devotional and prayer for each day. It comes in both PDF form and a Trello board.

Your privacy is important to us, and we will not spam you or sell your info. Privacy Policy.