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Let Go And Let God Have Control

Resounding His Love helps women turn to God through trials and tribulations so they can walk by faith not by sight and trust God wholeheartedly through them. Christians aren’t promised an easy life this side of eternity, but God promises to be there with us through it all. Gain biblical knowledge, grow in faith, tips to improve your prayer life, and find renewed hope for the loss of loved ones here.

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  • Encouragement to stand strong in THIS season of life?
  • Biblical principles to stay grounded in God’s word?
  • Struggling with the loss of a loved one?
  • A stronger prayer life?
  • Want to learn to let go and let God be your source of strength?

If this sounds like the HELP you NEED you’re in the right place! During hard times, you grow closer to God and learn to lean on Him. Read More

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I have a question for you to think about. Do you have a firm foundation ( Jesus Christ ) or are you planted on rocky soil (the world)? The 2 resources below will help you answer that question.

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Our categories will help you gain biblical knowledge, grow in faith, tips to improve your prayer life, and offer renewed hope for the loss of loved ones.

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Trello Organization

Are you looking for ways to keep your Bible study organized? If so, go digital. Check out our FREE Trello Bible Study e-course today. Boards included are devotionals, journaling, planning, prayer, podcasts and videos. Tutorials and boards are set up and included.

Christian Living

Living a Christian life does not mean our lives will be perfect and we’ll never suffer. But two favorite words…promises to be with us through it all. There are many lessons learned as a believer in Jesus Christ you can share with others. Our faith-based gospel-centered articles will guide you to God’s word and help you find who and where your source of strength comes from.

What Does the Bible say about?

Read what does the Bible say about a specific topic to help you dig deeper into the Bible and gain knowledge, wisdom, and, understanding of God’s word. You’ll find Resources For Christian living and helpful topics of the Bible broken down into Bible Verses About…and more

SOAP Bible Study Method

Get Your Bible Study Worksheets Now!

The SOAP method is a simple-to-follow method for observing scriptures and applying biblical principles to your daily lives. Gain knowledge and wisdom as you dig deeper into the word of God so that it can help you walk by faith not by sight.

Turn Your “Mess” Into A Greater “Message”

Hickory Bible Church features couples in a God at Work series that displays how God turns your “mess” into a bigger “message” for His glory. When asked if Mike and I would be willing to share our story I’m NOT going to sugarcoat it, I was scared to do so. Watch the video along with our written testimony on how God works through tragedies and you’ll understand why.

Let Go And Let God Heal Your Broken Pieces


Develop a strong prayer life with practical prayer ideas whether you’re a beginner or experienced! Learn how to pray with confidence, deepen your prayer life, and find tips for improving your prayer life. Remember, God answers prayers in one of three ways…YES, NO, WAIT!

kickstart your prayer life

No More Excuses!

Do you struggle and fumble for words when you start to pray for your loved ones? Learn to pray with confidence with our 35 Prayer Prompts. A 7-day prayer challenge is included that will change your prayer life significantly. You can let go and let God (Holy Spirit) help guide you.

Experiencing Loss

Losing a loved one can leave us with numerous questions, right? We are often tempted to ask “Why God Why.” Why did you allow this to happen? Why couldn’t our loved one be healed? In all honesty, losing a loved one and the grief journey that follows is never easy but God will use your grief, loss, and suffering, as a tool to showcase His glory through it. Experiencing loss are “real life” true stories dedicated to losing a loved one so that you may be comforted through your grief from our personal experiences to HELP YOU through YOURS!

FREE e-book to help you on your grief journey >

5 Stages Of Grief e-Book

Grief & Loss Collaboration Series

We all have grief and loss stories to tell. This is how the stories of Hope For Grief: A Grief And Loss Collaboration idea was formed. This is a series to help others who are going through the process of grieving their loved ones so that hopefully they’ll find true peace and joy again. I know it takes time and everyone grieves differently, I pray YOU (the reader) can connect with one of our stories where you can truly start to heal.